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by Christina Pink

    Children are meant to be naughty and playful but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be discipline. Disciplining a child will vary from age-group to age-group. Since each and every child is unique and different we need to know all the disciplining practices can’t suit for every child. Disciplining your child means teaching them responsible behaviour and self-control. Good discipline is teaching your child how you would like he/her to behave.

A few parents misunderstand that discipline refers to physical punishment, such as hitting and smacking, or verbal abuse such as yelling or threatening the child. Disciplining your child should go hand in hand with your child’s understanding capacity. Always ensure that you encourage the good behavior of your child and discourages bad behavior.

Children become more imaginative and playful by 3 years of age. They start to speak and have many queries all the time. Moreover it’s the part of development that he does too much of playing and find no time to eat. Always give your child positive reinforcement. Encourage him when he does something well. Once in a while give your child a choice in what he would like to eat or do. Don’t force your opinions on him as well as never condemn any activity of the child rather explain the consequence of his act.

Most of the children may not know that their actions are unacceptable for they are too young to comprehend. They may also get naughty if they aren’t given appropriate attention for fair behavior. Sometimes major changes like family breakup, starting school or a new sibling can create stress. When they are frustrated or upset, having no other way to express their feeling, they may misbehave. To understand their emotions one has to take sincere care of your children activity and reactions.

Intellectual ability and understanding of a child can’t develop over time; it needs gradual nurturing by the environment. It is all important to match the discipline of your child with the capacity to understand. You cannot expect an infant to obey or act according to your instruction or follow any code of contact.

Try to explain them what you are going to do if his or her behavior is inappropriate. This would create a sense of fear in them regarding their inappropriate actions. The fact is not all kids understand what their parents want them to do. Sometimes it happens that you may shout at them, but don’t do that often as they will defy you if you shout and scream for every bit of thing. You need to be very careful and sensible to the end result of your comment or shouting at your kids for there are many possibilities to misunderstand. If you know the reasons for your child’s misbehavior or the child’s feelings, you can help solve the underlying problems. Explain the situation as clear as possible so that your little kid gets your point in the right way.

Instead of pondering over the embarrassing of your naughty child, start thinking on the way you sense you child’s needs and how you are going to mound his character as well as life style. All that we need to remember, “Discipline is not another word for punishment. It is the great lifestyle you going to inherit your child”.

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